Venture 2.0.0

Build a corporate empire in this addictive business sim

The object of Venture is to acquire the most money. This is accomplished by building companies, merging companies and buying, selling and trading stock. Venture is a stock market simulation game.

You start off the game with $6000 and six different properties. Each turn consists of the following three phases:

  • Build a company on one of your properties
  • Buy stock in any active corporation. Limit of 3 shares per turn
  • Get another property

— User reviews — about Venture

  • jthornton

    by jthornton

    "I'll stick to monopoly money"

    This game isn't bad but I think it's a bit challenging. I didn't manage to do that well - but maybe that just tells me I... More.

    reviewed on May 8, 2006